Catskill Network Services, LLC

Since we are a member of the local fire department, we know the needs.

New York State NFIRS Reports

Financial reports

Grants reporting

Tracking of inventory/training/personell/soup/nuts

There is no doubt that a computerised system can make all these tasks easier, freeing up your time so you can get back to doing what you do best. But do you know all the requirements for your systems??

From a recent New York State Audit of a local Fire Company:

"Computerized data is a valuable resource that District officials
rely on to make financial decisions and report to State agencies.
If computers on which this data is stored fail, or the data is lost
or altered, either intentionally or unintentionally, the results
could range from an inconvenient to catastrophic event for the
District. Even small disruptions can require extensive time and
effort to evaluate and repair. For this reason, it is important that
District officials control and monitor computer system access
and usage, establish a formal disaster recovery plan, and ensure
computerized data and assets are physically secured. The Board is
responsible for adopting policies and procedures and developing
controls to safeguard computerized data and assets "

New York reporting standards for volunteer departments can be a pain, and having someone that can set up a system to meet those requirements may not always be  accomplished in house.

Audits of other local departments identify strict requirements that departments must follow. Best Business practices are required, and the state is not very forgiving for those who do not follow standards.

Let us be your IT department. We can meet your needs and satisfy New York's requirements for reporting, redundancy, and accounting. 

We can set up a system that takes care of the entire job, including the soup and nuts.

As a fire department member we would like to extend a 10 percent discount to our fellow departments.