Catskill Network Services, LLC

Workstation to server-- we can help you get back on track

Workstations are the systems you or your employees use to get to the data you need to keep your business running. Give yourself or your employees the tools they need to be more productive.

If that workstation is down, your costing--not earning--money. Let us assist in getting you back up and running

Servers---the core to your systems

In many setups, there is a centralized computer--the server---where the data/program/information resides. These high power machines can allow many users to collaborate, enhancing their productivity. It also gives you the common location for backups, a way to share processors and memory.
But should that server be down, do you have the specialist that can handle a servers unique requirements?

We have years of experience with many different types of workstations and serves, from  "dumb" terminals to multiprocessor giants with thousands of connections.

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